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  1. Besides the first haste, the 5 seems to work much better in every aspect, I will be more vise after long up-time, but till then It looks great. Thanks.
  2. I checked it before posting and it was 4 version and I checked it now and it's 5. But I think you made this wrong, you proclaimed the 5 version is out and then you started to supply it. You should first be sure to have it available and then claim it's available.
  3. But how? I can't download it directly and it won't update me to 5.0. Every start it keeps asking me for activation and after clicking 'finish' it freezes. When I did manual activation it get trough once (usually freezes there too), but after restart it asked to activate again. And when I update the definition will update, but the program won't get to 5.0.
  4. Why after longer uptime of my Windows 7 64bit machine the SAS PRO Lifetime 4.56.1000 allocates more and more memory? After whole day it can be around 256-400MB of ram? And sometimes after running the windows my icon is not in the system tray? It's running between services, but the GUI fails to startup? Or now the icon doesn't react, I have clean computer scaned with multiple AV (multiple live cds, stand-alones on-demand + residentual), multiple antispywares, malware bytes, spyshelter, spybot, spydoctor. And it runs OK, only thing that misbehaves is the SAS. I don't know if it's ok, if it's design to be so, is there something to remedy or supress the bad behavior it little bit to make it more faster, lighter and little bit more stable? I mean like when you have bad file performance you defrag drive etc... is there anything to optimize performance and stability? Perhaps some old temp files inside SAS are slowing it down, or something else. Or perhaps some features are turned on what I don't need and they are slowing it down dramatically?
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