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  1. Hello. I just noticed something odd on the SUPERAntiSpyware website. On this page https://www.superantispyware.com/superantispyware.html, under the heading of Benefits and Features (7th line down), it says, "Stop unwanted pop-ups and ads caused by malware with integrated SUPERAdBlocker Technology." When was that added? SUPERAdBlocker was discontinued a long time ago. Has it been resurrected — or is the above information incorrect? Thanks.
  2. Madeline, In your post that I quoted above, you said, "I'm not sure that SAS could get into the SVI folder anyway." I'm not sure why you would say that, but SAS is set by default to scan the System Restore/Volume Information folders, so obviously, it can get into those folders.
  3. Hello, Geoff. Yes, of course, screenshots! Well, actually, I figured you would like to see them, so I made it a point to take screenshots of the problem, and I tried uploading them when I made my original post, but they would not upload. I kept getting the following error message: Error The server returned an error during upload I tried to upload them again with this message, but once again, I kept getting the same error message. I even tried the advanced uploader and still got the same error message. So is there, perhaps, an issue with your site that's preventing me from uploading them? Or could it be a problem on my end? (I don't think it's on my end, though, since I haven't had any trouble with uploading pictures anywhere else.) In the meantime, if you cannot get the issue with your site fixed, please provide me with an email address where I can send the screenshots to you directly.
  4. Hello, I want to bring this matter to the attention of your company: I recently downloaded and installed Comodo System Utilities, and when I run the Autorun Manager module of the program, under Services, it says that the malware status of SUPERAntiSpyware is unknown. And even worse, when I run the Autorun Manager, under Startup, it's actually says that SUPERAntiSpyware is infected. I have no doubts about your program. I'm sure there's nothing actually wrong with it, so there's no need to reassure me about that. I'm only writing so that you can be made aware of the issue and so that someone from your company can contact Comodo and get this matter straightened out. It's obviously some sort of false positive on their end, but regardless, as it stands now, their program is making your program look bad, so hopefully, you can get them to fix it.
  5. Why does SAS place certain cookies in quarantine? I've never seen any other program do that before. Usually, other programs just simply delete them.
  6. @AdvancedSetup Re: Your above post ( #8 ) Why are you falsely trying to the give the impression that you represent Malwarebytes?
  7. Yes, in general, MBAM Pro will be compatible with most anti-virus programs. I never said it wasn't. I said it shouldn't automatically be assumed that compatibility will always be a given (because many times compatibility issues do, in fact, occur). But as I said, in most cases, you should be fine. The same goes for SUPERAntiSpyware Pro as well; it is also compatible with most anti-virus programs. As far as MBAM Pro being compatible with SUPERAntiSpyware Pro, that's a whole different story. Neither program will replace an anti-virus program, which means that you will still need one. So if you are planning on using all three together, then yes, you will have issues.
  8. Okay, good. The free version of MBAM doesn't have any processes that run when it's not being used, so there won't be any issues with it interfering with the others. You have a good setup: one anti-virus program as your primary protection, a complementary anti-malware program with real-time protection (i.e., SUPERAntiSpyware Pro), and a very solid on-demand scanner (i.e., Malwarebytes Free). That's all you need. Anything more would be overkill.
  9. You should definitely give the name of the other program that you're using.
  10. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro (MBAM Pro) is not as compatible with anti-virus software as its makers would like you to believe. In most cases, it does gets along fine with most anti-virus programs. However, there are plenty of issues that come up regardless, and it greatly benefits the makers of MBAM Pro if they can downplay those issues. In other words, they can sell a lot more of their software if they can convince you that it's compatible with all other security software — because then it doesn't rule anyone out from buying it, However, their claim of universal compatibility is greatly overstated. It's simply not a given that it's always going to supplement and complement any other security software that may be on your system. Spend a few hours on some of the forums for any of the various anti-virus vendors, and you will see issues caused by incompatibily problems with MBAM Pro being reported all of the time. If you are running an anti-virus program and SUPERAntiSpyware Pro — and plan to add MBAM Pro to the mix too, you can be assured that you're going to have issues. Some experts do not even advise running any anti-malware programs (with real-time protection) along with your anti-virus. Most, however, feel that it's okay to run one of each (i.e., one anti-virus program and one anti-malware program). Good luck finding even one single expert that says running anything more than that is a good idea. In other words, more is not better. The multiple programs will handicap and cripple each other, and instead of increased security, you will have reduced security. You didn't specify which version of Malwarebytes that you're running. If you're only using the free version, then you're fine; it's only an on-demand scanner. However, if you're running the Pro version (with real-time protection), along with the other two products that also have real-time protection, then you have issues present in your system that you do not even realize. The issues caused by running too many security programs are not obvious ones. You have no way of being able to tell whether they exist or not. Most people wrongly assume that everything is fine between the multiple programs (and that no issues exist) — .as long as their system hasn't crashed or slowed down (or anything obvious like that). However, that isn't the case. The issues are between the programs themselves, and since these issues do not generally affect the performance of the computer itself, they are not something that you, the user, has any way of knowing about. Everything may seem to be fine, when in reality, it isn't.
  11. Thank you for your reply. And in response, I would like to make what I hope is both a friendly and a constructive suggestion: Although I do understand your statement, "If you don't get an answer, it means there isn't one or we aren't able to provide one at the time, not that you're being ignored," I would like to suggest if that's ever the case, you should reply and say that outright, instead of simply leaving the posts unanswered entirely. It's far better to let the person who has posted a question know that you are not able to help, then to give them the impression that they are being ignored. So, basically, I would rather see unhelpful answers than no answers at all. (Although helpful answers are certainly always preferred. ) All of that now being said, I am still hoping to get answers to the following questions: 1.) The previous version of SAS (version 4) did not feature Scan Boost. I'm wondering which setting (off, low, or high) of version 5's Scan Boost is most similar to version 4's use of resources? (I hope that makes sense.) 2.) Is there a big difference in use of resources between the low setting of Scan Boost and not having it turned on at all? 3.) If a system is heavily infected (to the point where Rescue Scan should be enabled), would it be advisable to also enable Scan Boost (and set it to high) to devote as many resources as possible to the scan, or is simply having Rescue Scan enabled enough? I know you stated that you're not a developer and do not know the answers to the above questions, but do any of the developers ever visit the forum, here, to answer questions? I know that the main developer, Mr. Skrepetos, is a member of the Wilders Security forum and frequently posts over there and answers questions, but does he ever participate here? Or should I try to post over there on one of the SUPERAntiSpyware threads and see if he answers?
  12. Okay, that's weird. I just went to go try and report them so that they can removed, but there is no Report link on any of them. It's not even possible to comment on any of them either. If you hit the Reply to this topic button, a page error comes up each time. You should go and check it out. There are over two dozen posts like this at the very end. Here's an example of one: http://forums.supera...ttle-questions/
  13. Well, they're not really "recent"; they're actually way at the end. But nevertheless, they still should be cleaned up. I'll go and report them now.
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