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  1. i tried to let SAS take care of it a couple times but it kept coming back with 76 threats. i tried uninstalling it and then try again and whats left is the .exe file with 4 threats this time. another think i heard is this malware makes a lot of changes to your computer. is there any way to undo the changes it made?
  2. im thinking about doing a system restore. i think its that bad and then uninstall that program when im done cause it was still on the computer but not updated yet
  3. im scanning again cause my computer just started acting weird. the cursor is lagging and im getting weird beeping noises from my computers speaker. the files are back. and im starting to get worried.
  4. so what is this about? i found these after installing updates to a program i use regularly. hitman pro found nothing, really interesting part is that comodo was popping up with all kinds of activity saying wanted to access all kinds of protected parts of the system while installing and install stuff to my browser and SAS said it was changing my home page setting.
  5. i made a video of it if that helps. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUCL2fLNkhg
  6. I cant get rid of it. I made a log with OTS, in SAS definition it shows 4 or 5 other known names it runs in processes but this one is different using the name "OLSBMIX.dll" heres a couple screen shots, the bottom one is from avast
  7. installed SAS with default settings still unchanged, i;m using another AV and firewall that is active, is there anything i need to do or disable so SAS wont conflict with another AV running or will it be ok just leaving it? its icon is in the system tray so that's why i was wondering.
  8. BTW i want to say this scanner is badass, it can find stuff my other apps didn't detect. I used SAS and it found 10 of those things, plus one adware, after it was done i quarantined and deleted them. are they gone for good and how do i prevent them from coming back? here is what is on my machine: acer aspire 5253, AMD-350 1.6GHz, 2GB ram, 217GB HDD, windows 7 Service pack 1 64-bit, avast free, comodo firewall, malwarebytes, hitman pro, ccleaner and superantispyware, firefox 5 (all updated)
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