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  1. Copy your license down before you reinstall. It is located in the help menu.

    Hey Seth

    I'm using version 5.0.1118

    Latest Core:7701 & Trace:5513

    Thanks for that link!

    At least I know I'm not alone getting these checkmarks :mrgreen:

    Looks like that's two of us who've downloaded the same MS update & started having problems.

    You mentioned in the post you linked to, for the person to uninstall/reinstall...if I do that how do I make sure I still have my lifetime licence? Maybe a dumb question, but better to ask now.

    Thanks for the reply btw!

  2. I installed version 5 a couple days ago (pro version with lifetime license). I had the first scheduled scan run this morning. At the end of the scan, it prompts me to continue to remove the adware. Shouldn't the scheduled scan do that without human intervention? In version 4, this does not happen. Is there a setting I'm missing that should let the scanning complete. The scanning was scheduled to start at midnight. I don't know how long it took, but when I went to the computer this morning at 7am, the prompt was waiting for me. Any help would be appreciated

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