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  1. never mind worked it out for anyone have same problem there is a sub menu in the web filtering menu called allow programs just add superantispyware.exe to it and there you go problem solved and a side note or anyone interested vipre a am using premium antivirus malwarebytes pro and superantispyware pro all with real time protection on and have had on conflicts and are happy working together to date other then the one mentioned in earlier post.
  2. hi i have superantispyware pro with lifetime subscription and i really like the program however i recently bought vipre premium antivirus and now that it is installed i can't update superantispyware it just says everytime that there no update available, i know there is an update cause i looked up the definitions on the web site. after playing around with the firewall on vipre and giving superantispyware full access i worked out that it is actually the web filter blocking it. my question is what is the url that super antispyware uses to update so i can add into the allowed web pages list on the webfilter. i have malwarebytes pro too and in the web filter it's update is listed as mbamupdates.com and it has no problems auto updating, does anyone know what superantispywares url is for updates????????????????????????????????????????
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