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  1. No specific message...just the SAS error box....asks me to enter my email address to send a report.
  2. I have that version installed now. Still does quick scan fine. Will not do full scans. Kicks out a SAS error message every time- whether I try to run a complete scan straight up or do it scheduled. Any suggestions? Back in the version 4 days, everything worked fine. Now, just quick scans. I have a ticket open and they suggested not scanning compressed files. Still kicked an SAS error mesage.
  3. Some time ago you stated: "Hang in there, we're currently testing a work-around that could resolve this for you. It's still using the updated scheduling interface, but doesn't require the Windows Task Scheduler be functional." Has this been released?
  4. How can I upgrade to SAS V5.0.1116?
  5. Great news.....I will await the update
  6. While I'm waiting for some help regarding my non-functional (complete scan wise Version 5) I went back to version 4. Works like a charm I trust you will allow those of us who paid to use it instead so that we at least can have a working program until tech staff offer up a solution. I did receive a response to my support ticket. I am awaiting another reply.
  7. The error box pops up through SAS and asks me to enter my email address. I did, in hopes that someone might respond. I also did a customer support request at 7:16:14 PM PDT on August 9, 2011. The page asked me to "Please allow up to 24 hours for our team to reply to your message." I hoping maybe 48 hours might do the trick- no response yet. I bought this program for myself and two other people. It was stellar so I spread the wealth. Now I'm hoping the people I spread it to will continue to like it. I pray they don't experience the problems many now do with Version 5. Not trying to be testy. Just would appreciate someone specifically troubleshooting the issue with me.
  8. And the truth is that this is not only a problem with XP. My Windows 7 machine now kicks errors when I try to a complete scan. It only did this after the upgrade to 5.
  9. I tried re-installing...that allowed me to ru a quick scan scheduled...but when I ran a complete scan it kicked an error message
  10. I'm running Windows 7 and I am having the same problem. Used to run every night at 2AM. Now doesn't and kicks out an error message every morning. Suggestions?
  11. Did that. Returned a key labelled "SUPERAntiSpyware Professional (1-User License). Re-installed using that key. Still says expires in 2012. My credit card was definitely billed.
  12. I ordered an upgrade to a lifetime subscription. Got a receipt. Didn't contain a registration code. My software still says it will expire in 2012. Any suggestions?
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