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  1. Support.com has a worse reputation than you do and have already advised that they have no intention of honoring your agreements. Their lack of due diligence in regard to the purchase has been reported to NASDAQ and the SEC. You're welcome!!
  2. You claim you have sent the CD but refuse to track the shipment so I can discover where the CD is going if sent as stated. I have updated the ticket and get the same run around. Please note the length of time it has taken you to reply to my query. Prompt and courteous must depend on the weather or attitude in Oregon.
  3. Read the private ticket and you will note that you have said you shipped the CD three times and promised to ship it again on Tuesday, July 5, 2011. I PAID for the CD so don't tell me you're shipping it free. Please also note in the record that your representatives place replies at the bottom of your Q and is an excuse to further delay. Simple question: DID YOU SHIP THE CD ON TUESDAY, JULY 5TH AS STATED?
  4. Along with the 'guarantee' on the lifetime subscription, do you have any plans on ever shipping my CD as per 'support ticket' CSR00069492 or do you intend to follow support.com's record of telling me to pound sand or pay 'shipping & handling' for services not delivered. While your product worked well and I wrote MS complimenting their suggestion, I am disgusted with your company's total disregard for prompt courteous and reliable customer service.
  5. Someone needs to light a fire in customer service. Please direct my request to a facilitator at the 'new' owner. You needd to resolve support ticket CSR00069492 without further delay.
  6. I replied earlier and am still waiting for the CD. I added a response to the month's old CSR00069492 and am weary of such deflection. Send the CD immediately and email me with a tracking number without further obfuscation.
  7. Thank you for your reply. I PMd a forum administrator here earlier this morning and have received a reply which may lead to an early resolution to the problem.
  8. I've had a similar problem. Ordered an additional hard copy CD with license on May 23rd. After waiting more than 48 hours for a reply to query as to why I hadn't received it as of June 12th I was told that because I queried their delay in responding they dropped my support request to the end of the Q which is pretty silly. In any case they then said, well, they would send 'another' CD. Still no CD. No one seems to monitor the forums from management. I'll wait for the weekend and then see if the new 'owners' care about installing some sense into the 'support' in their name.
  9. Please let me know how you managed to get 'support' to reply at all. I've been waiting since Sunday and have had nothing but one automated response. Is there some secret to getting their attention? I paid for an extra CD copy and 'lifetime' Professional and don't want to wait till I die to find out these guys are a one man shill. This forum doesn't appear to have any active 'management' participation. Thanks
  10. What's on your mind?

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