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  1. SAS Pro v 4.42.1000 Windows 7 Home Premium SAS loads at startup, pops up the flash screen, but then in lower right has a popup about download now the latest updates see image, when I click on update I get the "update must be done from acct with admin privileges". So I can update definitions from inside SAS, but there is no link to update software. According to the popup I have to log off and log into Admin acct and do a software update. However when I log into the admin acct there is NO popup in the lower right as per the image below, so I can't update software. The FAQ says how to manually update definitions but does not say how to manually update software. I would prefer to update software by simply clicking on a link in the program or from the popup but as I say I above either I can't or there is no link. Thanks in advance for a solution... BTW I also use Avast, and avast provides both a link to update software and a separate link to update definitions.
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