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  1. Since upgrading from the free version to SASpro (4.53.1000), all changes I make from the defaults ("General and Startup", "Scanning Control", and "Real-time Protection" tabs) revert on the next boot. Attempt 1) Purchased upgrade, upgrading over the existing free install: Changes reverted on next boot. This is interesting, because the free version had no trouble remembering to not show the splash screen. Attempt 2) Uninstalled SAS. Downloaded and installed newest pro: Changes reverted on next boot. Attempt 3) Uninstalled SAS. Rebooted. Searched for and nuked all files and folders left behind (including application data), searched for and nuked all entries in the Registry relating to SAS. Rebooted again. Downloaded yet another copy of pro and installed it: Changes still revert. Suggestions for Attempt 4?
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