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  1. I also was wondering if windows firewall was set up correctly with the current setting that it has I do'nt no much about it but this is what there is now: in exceptions things checked are acrobat.com, avg try icon, avg user interface, Java platform SE Binary, Malwarebytes, Norton Removal tool, Remote Assistance Advanced setting are: network connection That are check are: broadband, local area, local area 4, MSN, Verizon wireless vz access,wireless network connection 2 Log settings nothing is checked Icmp settings are All Items checked : allow incoming echo,incoming timestamp,incoming mask,incoming router,outgoing destination unreachable, outgoing source quech,outgoing parameter problem,outgoing time exceeded,redirect,outgoing packet too big I ask if these is right cause I am not sure . and last night while checking this site for reply I got a pop up screen that foxfire update..you highly recommend you update for security reasons ..i taught that it didn't look right so I didn't click on anything,and because mozilla foxfire auto updates so cleared history in mozilla and ran a disk cleanup and deleted temp internet files then ran scans right away on avast first then sas and then mbam all was clean..later I did a google search about such a virus .foxfire update virus ...and in mozilla firefox forums there was a bunch of people there hit with virus...but why didn't windows firewall or avast block it just curious if my setting was ok...or if I need another firewall as well or what to do to keep these things from getting through? Other than stay of the internet..lol. Thank goodness that one didnt get me. and how did every thing else look ?
  2. I ran OTL scan again and the Dss scan if you want to look at them to see if every thing looks ok http://www.mediafire.com/file/9spdm9dyozp8ldr/Extras3.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/5po3hzjdpv3hr7q/OTL3.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/ucu9y3c3rczj5ik/dds2.txt http://www.mediafire.com/file/k89dqi4744ww4z2/attach2.zip hope this helps
  3. flash player plug in ...installed in control panel automatically with its own icon there...is that right?
  4. it took 3 tries to install Java first two times it couldn't find the file to install it into so i rebooted and then tried again then it worked now do i remove both adobe flasher player 10 plug in and adobe flasher player 10 active
  5. add and remove programs has java 6 update 14 97.46 MB ..can I just remove it from there ..when I ran a file and folder search I noticed alot of files..so I was wondering if that is a good way to remove it...and flash player I can only find it by running file and folder search at all...so how should I proceed with removing them and download new versions ...and where should i download them after removed
  6. do you have save download location for me? and how do I uninstall what I have...still can not turn on win auto updates have not tried system restore for any access so I dont know about that but the notebook seems to running aright..
  7. just ran it included log in last post the security check that is
  8. ran a file and folder search for pc tools and yes there are files looks like they were created 4/15/2010 ...there are program files ...i cant copy and paste what is there ..but PCTools C:\Program Files\Common file size 1.85MB folders:sMonitor and when you go to that folder there are other files including dll files PCTLNty.dll 58kb PCTLogon.dll 518KB PCTProcess 5KB SMSvc 601KB SSDMonitor 102 KB StartManSvc 618 KB all of which are in C:\Program Files\Common Files\PC Tools\sMonitor in C:\Program Files\Registry Mechanic\Data\Resources there is PM-PCTools and PM-PCToolsLab both are 13.3 KB both bit map images I DONT KNOW if that help any ....
  9. not that I was aware of ran that remover you asked me to the last time and taught the was all removed..? What PC tools are you seeing that is leftover? I can turn on the firewall but not the windows update it will not turn on.. i ran you another otl scan to look at if it will help attached Extras2.zip OTL2.zip
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