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  1. Hi, Just a little reminder: the a/m typo is still present in latest version 8.0.1024 ...
  2. Thanks for the fast reply; ticket just opened now ( CSR00182954 ).
  3. Hi, I'm running latest SAS Pro version 6.0.1262 on Win10 1803 - Build 17134.228. I have scheduled a (quick) scan with the option "Check for updates before scan" running once a week, but every time after the scan, there are still database updates available ... (FYI : automatic program & database updates are scheduled to run every hour). In latest version 6.01262, I noticed a little text error (see attached screenshot). Thanks for your time and suggestions !
  4. throkr

    (SOLVED) Registry Trojan False-Positive?

    Fixed : definitions have obviously been updated as the submitted file is now considered as clean. And as for my question concerning the (optional) email address, I got it now (it's just there in case some more infos related to the file should be needed ... ).
  5. throkr

    (SOLVED) Registry Trojan False-Positive?

    Hi, Sorry to jump in like this, but I didn't want to open a new topic just for this "practical" question. So, I just used the inbuilt FP reporter (for the first time) and also filled in an email address.My question is : when and how will I be informed that the issue is resolved (IOW will I receive some information on the said email address ?) Thank you !
  6. throkr

    Automatic program updates now working

    Yep, same "satisfaction" here ...
  7. throkr

    What was this about?

    And now Betanews is even proposing a SAS free version 5.6.1028 Beta ...
  8. throkr

    SAS 5.6.1022

    That's correct and the difference in size (in comparison to the first installer proposed for this latest version 5.6.1020) seems to be due to the fact that options have now been included to install and / or make Google Chrome as the default browser ...
  9. throkr

    Definition Updates

    Thank you for the reply; definitions were just automatically updated to the latest version.
  10. throkr

    Definition Updates

    I agree that the absence of updates for 2 days (latest definitions) on a paid security software is quite long and unusual. Adding the fact that it is not the first time this happens with SAS ...
  11. throkr

    SAS 5.6.1022

    Same result here : downloaded the latest installer identified as 5.6.1022 from the official page, but the same previous version 5.6.1020 is still installed ...
  12. @jimlarkey : Just dropping in for an additional info : in the Windows Task Scheduler, did you also check "in" Task Scheduler Library (I mean clicking one time on this line) ? This is were I find all the scheduled tasks for SAS.
  13. throkr


    Updated to "1012" version through internal updater; everything's fine ...
  14. throkr

    New version 5.5.1016

    Thanks for this new version which works fine on my Win 7 SP1 Pro x64. This new version is already correctly mentioned on the homepage but it would be nice to also update the version number on the download page as well as the release history ...
  15. throkr

    Scan all users from admin account?

    Have a look at this recent topic; answer (#3) is given by SuperAntiSpy : you should scan each account ... Hope this helps ...