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  1. System Investigator - Initial Response Data overload
  2. Try going to the SAS folder, right click SUPERANTISPYWARE.exe move curosor over "Send To", click on Send to Deskotp (Create Shortcut) and see what happens.
  3. 1. I did set the exclusion after I got the pop-up and before I made the post. 2. Eset can't hold a candle to Bitdefender period. Just check the Real World AV comparatives for August - Nov. Go to the summary You really should look into Bitdender Your response and attitude stinks. In fact if I hadn't purchased a lifetime license of SAS a year or so ago I wouldn't use it. Not that it doesn't work but all the respoonses I have gotten from SAS support and at the forum over the years stink. Bad attitude, consdenscending.and not helpful
  4. I forgot to add. I think the reason that SAS may detect "AVcheck.exe" as a Trojan is because as part of Bitdefender AV Free installation process it uninstalls another app. I am trying to get an answer from Bitdefender if this uninstallation of the app is intentional or not. Bitdefender AV Free may consider this other app as an AV app despite the fact that the uninstalled app is not advertised as an AV app.
  5. The Bitdefender file is AVCheck.exe. It is in their Install folder. SAS quarantined the file, AVcheck.exe I uploaded the file to Virus total and out of 44 AV scanners it came back clean except for SAS I also uploaded AVcheck.exe to Jotti's Malware sight. Out of 19 scans two found AVcheck.exe to contain a trojan The other 17 showed "Found nothing" ClamAV detected PUA.Win32.Packer.WinrarSfx CPsecure detected Troj.Downloader.W32.Aphex.020 For now I have left the file in quarantine
  6. Main webpage for SAS still shows 5.0.1002. Anyone know what the changes in 1006 from 1002 are? I don't know why SAS doesn't doesn't take you to a webpage showing a list of the changes by program version including the one you just updated to when you update the program . Seems simple enough to me. Maybe SAS does but I don't recall ever seeing it when I update.
  7. I have SAS Pro along with IObit ASC Pro and IObit IMF Pro I have had occasion to use both SAS support and IMF Support. SAS has a nice cute GUI for following the discussion on a customer support ticket. IObit support is strictly by email with no customer support ticket Having worked with SAS and IMF Customer support a couple of times here are is curent ranking with 10 being most helpful and most friendly and 1 being not helpful and not friendly. IObit Support - 9 SAS Support - 1 Make of it what you will. I use SAS Pro and to tell the truth would replace it with Malwarebytes if I wanted to spend the $65 for to purchase three Malwarebytes Pro licenses. However, since my three computers have been malware free except for a some adware since I started using W8-CP along with avast! AIS 7, IMF Pro 1.3 (now 1.4) and SAS Pro I don't feel like spending the money. However, if I had to do it all over again I would have pruchased three Malwarebytes Pro licenses rather than SAS Pro licenses simply because of how lousy and unfriendly SAS support is. Feel free to remove this. I have had my say and you read it. That is all I wanted to do with this. Not checked for typos cheers
  8. On my W8-CP x32 Pro version update installed fine from the installer file. On my W8-CP x64's Pro version generated extremely high RAM usage before finishing install from installer. Icon did not move to Taskbar. I killed the SAS process and then restarted from the SAS icon link. Restart completed and SAS icon showed up on Taskbar with the proper program update number. Right click in Windows Explorer on x64 computers still does not show SAS scanning option for files (It works in x32). I reported this problem months ago through a customer ticket. It appears nothing has been done to correct it forcing me to use Malwarebytes when I want to check a file while in Windows Exlorer on my W8-CP x64 computers. Bad news SAS. Get your act together. I explained in detail what the problem was in the Customer Service request. I am not going to explain it again or fill out another request period. It is also not open to discussion. The Customer support people have all the facts and nothing has changed. Cheers
  9. setup SAS Professional 5.0.1144 W8-DP Firefox 11 Beta Flash File: Adobe Flash Player Incubator Information about incubator and the file download here at Adobe. Everytime I am streaming an event live in Firefox and SAS updates definitions Flash crashes and Firefox freezes. I did not have his problem when I was running Flash 11-2_p5.01322. Also, Flash does not crash when not streaming during a SAS definition update. Note: This version of Flash is very new and I expected to have problems using it. However, it offers some significant security advantages over the traditional Flash file. So I am passing this along as information especially since all the software involved are either Alpha or Beta versions of that software except for SAS Pro.
  10. MSE is an anti-malware program that protects your computer against viruses in addition to protecting you against Spyware which is what SAS is basically designed to do. They work okay together. However, Windows Defender for Windows 8 will come with Windows 8. WD for W8 is a full fledged anti-malware program just like MSE is. I have been told by Microsoft people that WD in W8-DP and MSE which also runs in W8-DP use the same anti-malware definitions. I have moved on to W8-DP (alpha) and only use W7 occasionally for some programs that are not yet compatible for Windows 8 that I use like Turbo Tax and some P2P software. There may be workouts. In any case WD in W8-DP so far appears to be doing a very good job as an anti-malware program and is compatible with SAS. Though I have found one apparent problem in running SAS Pro on W8-DP x64. SAScore64.exe does not appear to unpack when SAS is installed and therefore I can not right click on a file in Windows Explorer and bring up the SAS file scan option.
  11. Interesting situation regarding the Right-Click option in Windows Explorer. I am running SAS on three computers 1. SAS Pro on a W8-DP x32 Netbook - When I right-click a file in Windows Explorer the SAS scan icon shows up and I can scan the file using SAS. 2. SAS Pro and SAS Free on a x64 computer with a side by side Dual-Boot of W7 SP1 and W8-DP. (Only one OS can load at a time). I am running SAS Free in W7 and SAS Pro in W8-DP. In Windows Process Explorer I can see SAS.exe running in both W7 and W8-DP depending on which OS is loaded. 2a. SASCore64.exe shows up in Windows Process Exlorer in the W7 SP1 with SAS Free running. The right click in Windows Explorer in W7 SP1 does bring up the SAS scan option just like in the Netbook and as in the Netbook the scan will run. 2b. SASCore.exe without the "64" shows up in Windows Process Explorer in the W8-DP with SAS Pro running. The right click in Windows Explorer in W8-DP does not bring up the SAS scan option. I checked the SAS folder in both W7 SP1 and W8-DP. There is a SASCore64.exe file in the SAS folder in W7. However, there is no SASCore64.exe file in the SAS folder in W8-DP but rather the SASCore.exe without the "64" in the SAS folder in W8-DP. 3. A second x64 desktop configured the same as #2 above with the same results. It appears that the SASCore64.exe file is not installing in W8-DP. Could someone at SAS verify this. Thanks.
  12. What I did was go into the Firefox profile on the one computer that was having the problem and delete all the Sqlite cookies. I then had to reinstall all of my addons since it appears that the Firefox addons use Sqlite. It will be interesting to see if the adware cookies show up again. cheers
  13. This is not a complaint but more in the form of a question. I know that SAS Scans will identify Adware tracking cookies in Firefox that are located in the Firefox Profile folder chain. These are probably dumb questions. I see the cookies listed in the Scan Logs of my scheduled scans. The cookies however do not show up in Quarantine. Are the Adware tracking cookies removed by the Scan? If they are removed why can't SAS just block them in real-time?
  14. Windows 8 DP detects IObit Malware Fighter under Spyware programs. Lets not get into a discussion about IObit.
  15. In W8 DP Action Center------Security and I would imagine it will also be in W8 RTM there are two separate lines one for Anti-Virus and one for Spyware. SAS Pro 5.0.1128 does not show up under Spyware. I know because I just looked on my netbook with W8 DP installed and it was not there. However other anti-spyware and anti-virus programs that are on the computer; i.e., IMF, Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials show up. It should be noted that SAS Pro 5.0.1128 appears to work just fine without any problems on the netbook x32 W8 DP computer.
  16. Thanks for the prompt response. I concur that everything appears to be working as it should. SAS caught some Adware on the W8 computer and handled it properly. Just me, but I don't have a tablet or desktop that allows for touch screen interaction so I am just fine with testing W8 and playing around with it on my no longer so dusty netbook If I purchase a tablet it won't be until after W8 is RTM.
  17. I had Netbook lying around with Windows 7 SP1 x32 on it along with SAS Professional and various other programs. I was not using the Netbook. I decided to put the Netbook to use by installing Windows 8 Developer Preview on it. Any idea when I may be able to safely install SAS Professional on this Netbook with the W8 OS? Thanks
  18. I would like to know, in case I forget, what type of scan is running/ran when I am viewing the "Scanning Progress" and "Scan Results" popups.
  19. It would be nice to know what type of scan is running when you look at the GUI showing a running scan.
  20. This could be a variation of the following but best to have SAS check it. more on link My link
  21. This could be the same type of problem that existed with the Thunderbird 5.x Beta installation. See my thread on this. The problem has now been resolved for Thunderbird by the SAS staff. See my thread on this.
  22. Here is some information that may be helpful Trojan Downloader Also, there was a Java update a couple of days ago or so. You might to check and see if your Java has been updated to the current version. Sorry, but I can't help you beyond this.
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