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  1. Is there anyway the clever people in the development department could make it so that the portable edition could protect your usb stick from cross contamination so that inserting your usb with the portable edition on it, will not be as daunting as it can be now Some kind of USB lockdown so only SAS can run until unlocked?
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    Would be nice to get a changelog every update also linked into the program
  3. I think it would be a good idea to implement a right click -> send for diagnosis for files not picked up by SAS. This would make the whole process for detection of unknown or missed threats a lot quicker. I would also bother to do it as the current process sucks (no offence =]) I would also happily run a program on client's computers prior to scanning to send all running processes to you for analysis. Anything I/others can do to improve detection is a plus in my opinion.
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