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  1. Submitted a check. Also tried uninstalling and reinstalling SAS. Still get the same weird hex .exe files showing up in Task Manager, and in Program File\SUPERAntiSpyware. Where would I submit one of those .exes for someone to look at?
  2. the scan is running now, and that exe is taking up all the cpu, so maybe it is just a cloaked SAS program?
  3. Current one running is c29a40c0-b556-43d0-9e3e-667c1d383454.exe and that .exe file (along with a few other similiarly named .exe) is actually just sitting in c:\Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware. Maybe it is SAS doing something to stealth itself against the bad guys trying to find it and kill it? (OK, that's a stretch, but one can hope, right?)
  4. It's a different set of hex digits each time, which is what makes me think the machine is toasted.
  5. Whenever I start SAS, I see a weird.exe in the Task Manager, the name looks like xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx.exe where the 'x' are all hex digits. I can't remember seeing this before. Is this normal, or has my machine been compromised? version 4.53 thanks, eric
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