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  1. Same problem here. I just opened a support ticket so we'll see. My superantispyware works fine - just won't download definitions.
  2. What jbeekman describes is very much similar to my own experiences and this just started. I've had WAMP for some time now and in the past, there hasn't been a problem. Suddenly when I have 'real-time protection- on, it grabs the WAMP exe and places it in quarantine. With real-time protection unchecked, I can run a scan once the file is restored and nada - nothing irregular to report and it isn't picked up in a scan.
  3. Case closed and here’s the deal for anyone else faced with a similar issue. It appears that one of the Google products left some ‘update’ piece that was causing the crashes even after the product had been uninstalled. After reading through the Windows Event Viewer, I could see a remnant, “GUpdate” that was suspiciously coming up in that log and in deleting the “Google” entries from my registry, I was able to get the random reboots stopped. Removed from these two branches of my registry. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\
  4. Hi, For whatever reason my XP computer reboots on the 36th minute after the hour fairly suddenly and regularly. For example 8:36, 9:36, 10:36, etc - doesn't matter what I'm doing, the screen goes as if the power was dumped. I've tried downloading the latest definitions of SuperAntispyware and it doesn't seem to help. Do any of you know anything about any bug causing problems like this? Appears to be some sort of bug. My machine hasn't rebooted in safemode yet but in normal, it's as if someone pulled the power cord, reboots just fine and runs another hour just great. TIA
  5. Occasionally, I'll start up my Firefox 4.0 browser and my PCTools firewall shows an 8 digit number that's trying to access the Internet. I'm not sure that my SuperAntispyware pro is catching this but before I get too worked up about it, does anyone here experience that issue with the new Firefox??? TIA
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