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  1. When you say that you tried the "uninstall" / "install" method, are you talking about the uninstall utility I linked to or the add/remove programs uninstall? In my situation.. a regular uninstall didn't fix it. I had to use the uninstall utility. I suspect I may have more customers with this issue so I need to know more about the solutions. Also, would you be willing to attach the ForceUpdate file to your reply?
  2. A customer of mine was having this exact issue as well. Here's what I did to resolve it (hopefully)... - First, uninstall SAS normally.. then re-install it. This will process will show you the product key. Write it down. - Next, uninstall SAS using the uninstall tool https://www.superantispyware.com/supportfaqdisplay.html?faq=47 (located in the alternate section). - Restart the computer and re-install SAS. You'll need to have the product key written down prior because this time it won't show it to you. I restarted the computer once after all this and it came back up properly. However, I only tried one restart so we'll see how it goes over time.
  3. About how long was it between the releases?
  4. When was the update released that caused the issue? When was the update released that fixed the issue?
  5. To update with this... I submitted a customer service ticket and they removed all credit card information linked to the e-mail address I used for purchases.
  6. I wanted to give a heads up to other people on this. I have a ticket in to find out my options. When you purchase a subscription, and renew through the software, the system remembers the credit card used on the original purchase and, without any security information put in during the sale, can process a renewal charge. THIS IS BAD. This is bad for people like me who do the purchasing for the customer and get re-imbursed by them. They can now charge your credit card, and you won't have any details as to which customer did this. The confirmation e-mail goes to the e-mail address you used originally, and doesn't contain any information that lets you track down who it goes to (IE: the license keys if you keep them recorded). I discovered this because I got a batch of bad product keys and poked around and decided to see what the renewal process looks like for a customer. BTW, during the renewal process, you can purchase a lifetime subscription for $20.
  7. I updated my customer. If you don't hear back from me, that means my situation is also solved Thanks for the quick action!
  8. Add me to the list. Customer is using XP. More details to come shortly... [EDIT: IF my customer's computer is infected.. I can't see anything. I don't even see anything abnormal occurring.]
  9. By the splash screen going away I meant that there needs to be an option for a hard timer. I like that it pops up so my customer's see it and get piece of mind about their security, but I don't want it to stay there during the entire update process. However, I should have looked at the preferences more. Turning off the startup update check is sufficient for my needs. ..and good to hear about version 5 with the visual clue
  10. When SUPERAntiSpyware starts up it wants to check for updates. This is fine, but on a really slow connection it won't do anything until that update check/installation is finished. Basically, I'm stuck there with the SUPERAntiSpyware logo on the screen. I can't access anything with the program, and the splash screen won't go away until things are finished (on a really slow connection this took a couple of minutes). Further, I didn't know it was trying to update the software until I went looking at running processes and saw an update process. My suggestions... 1) The splash screen needs to go away. 2) There needs to be an indication of update progress. Until I discovered this I thought the program was having issues starting and so I closed it a number of times until I finally just let it sit there for a few minutes. Thoughts?
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