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  1. Thank you for the kind compliments! They will be passed on :)

    Thank you; I appreciate it! :)

    Funny thing; I reported to the Microsoft Security Essentials the rogue key and they did not seem very pleased that another program had caught the file. :D


  2. Thank you SO much for developing this amazing program.

    I had something seriously wrong my computer (7 Ultimate 64-bit): I would click an executable (sidebar.exe in particular) and then Windows would spit back an error that it couldn't find the executable. But it was just this one executable, so I thought it was some weird conflict or weird error; just another random Windows glitch.

    The more I thought about, though, and this looked like a ridiculous error. I AM CLICKING THE EXECUTABLE FILE; HOW CAN YOU NOT FIND IT?!

    Which led me to think virus/spyware, etc. I tried Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware Free version, but they found absolutely nothing. I was about to do a repair installation of Windows!

    But, then I called Microsoft's Infection Support Hotline (whatever it's called). They spent over 1.5 replacing files and nothing. Then they tried SUPERAntiSpyware and, boom, it instantly found two Security.Hijack[imageFileExecutionOptions] files, aptly titled SIDEBAR.EXE and SIDEBAR.EXE#Debugger.

    I restarted: boom, problem solved. Everything works now! Woohoo! So, yeah, thank you for making a program that works when others fail: the world needs this!



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