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  1. Thanks for the reply. Questions: Why is information being posted there instead of here? That makes Zero sense to me. Why no email sent to tech license holders? We need more information that we don’t have to search for. Trouble is Nick didn’t say that here and Nick still hasn’t. Why are we hearing from you instead of Nick? Nick, please post this information on your own forums. “It will be ok” Are you Obama by any chance? If I seem irritated, it’s because I am. I am not happy about this as of right now. We need more information. William M. Miller Lake George Tech.
  2. Hi Jamjar, I’m running both with real-time on all my computers including Windows 7 64 & 32 bit as well as Windows XP 32bit. It works fine on all of them for me. Never a hiccup even once. William M. Miller
  3. Same concerns as BelGaRath. What should we be telling our customers? What happens to the new tech license stuff that is/was on the horizon? I really hope this dosent destroy things. If so you will lose many customers. We need to hear more about why this is good for us more than how great it is for you and the team. Happy at this point with the information given? Not so much! Very concerned customer, but at this point still here for the ride. William M. Miller Lake George Tech Edit: Looking at support.com. This is not looking so good. More information please.
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