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    I am interested in picking up the ACRBO deal that has just come up. My preference to sell SAS would be to offer licenses on top of AV removals. In order to promote SAS on my site, I would prefer not to include a download link (sticky in this section of the Forum) The reason is, that I dont want people leaving the landing pages of my site before they have purchased services However, I would like to add a logo, and some information about the product, and to offer discounted licenses to my customers as part of a virus removal package In this instances, the software would be installed and the license added after the AV removal at my end, making the download link, again, redundant So, two things. First I would like to ask permission to display the logo on my site in order to resell the product. Second, Would it be possible to obtain a logo for display? (that does not include the download link) Thanks Jim APCR