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  1. Thanks I've done so. The problem has disappeared, I hope for good.
  2. Well I am a legal license user of SUPERAntispyware Professional Edition. I have never had any problem with the program as a matter of fact, but after updating to version 4.56.1000 I have also encountered similar problems to the ones described above. First the program seems to be updating for ever....it doesn't really fully start. It freezes. I can see the rectangular superantispyware window on my desktop and nothing else happens. When I click on the icon on the toolbar, the same. I tested this on two different PCs and decided to uninstall for the time being..... I am using Eset Smart Security and Malwarebytes. Perhaps there is an incompatibility issue.... I hope you can solve this problem soon before you release version 5 Final. Thanks.
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