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  1. I would appreciate an answer. Otherwise, I will uninstall and not use SAS again.
  2. Sorry. The scan in safe mode shows the number of items being scanned. Also it shuts down correctly in safe mode. Yes, I performed a clean install of Vista. I have all updates through SP2. I have tried closing the program by clicking next and that did not work. Task manager will not always shut it down.
  3. Safe Mode works fine. Am running complete Avast and SAS scan. After the scan and restart, the same problem is still there.
  4. I don't believe it is detecting anything. Nothing show up in detected items window. Just stays at zero. I just reinstalled Windows Vista and all updates are complete. Avast Anti Virus. Windows firewall. Checked that and all is fine. Just reinstalled SAS and the same problems occurred. Now I will try it in safe mode.
  5. 4.51.1000 which is the latest version.
  6. When I run a scan, nothing shows up under items scanned and detected. When I attempt to shut it down, it will not respond. To shut down, I have to go to the task manager. Running a memory check and deleting program and reinstalling will not work. It worked for years in the past. OS Vista 32 bit.
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