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  1. Hi, I think SUPERAntiSpyware should have incremental update feature. Malwarebytes also did not implement incremental updates until the last major product update. But they are keeping this feature for PRO usrs only. Why does SUPERAntiSpyware not take similar steps? Even if it is being offered to PRO users only. I think this way SUPERAntiSpyware is losing out to Malwarebytes. This is a very important feature saving users valuable bandwidth and internet volume from gruesome 6 mb updates every time sas is database is updated. Best Wishes, Nick
  2. Hi, Sas just scheduled scanned and found two adware cookies as threats and removed them. Should not the realtime protection of sas prevent them in the first place? I mean adware cookies are not that much of a serious threat but since sas scan detects anyways, realtime protection should prevent them. Please can anyone explain why realtime protection did not prevent them? Best Regards, ams963
  3. Hi, I've manually updated sas right now and the update takes up around 6mb. I guess there is no incremental updates in sas, yet. I'd like suggest adding incremental updating feature in the next upcoming sas release. Please consider my suggestion. Even rival product and sas competitor Malwarebytes Antimalware has incremental updating feature(only in paid version though). Best Regards, ams963
  4. Hi, I'd like to see Password Control / Parental Control feature in the next upcoming release of SUPERAntiSpyware Pro version. Please consider my suggestion. It's available or present in many software I use. Even rival product Malwarebytes Antimalware has this feature. Best Regards, ams963
  5. thx a lot....got my license back and sas is up and working........ but I've got two complaints : 1. Purchase/Upgrade to SUPERAntiSpyware Pro and Regsiter/Activate SUPERAntiSpyware Pro is shown in right click contect menu of SAS bug icon and in the 'Help' tab under Preferences. These should not be shown as I already have bought, activated and am using sas pro. 2. Product Registration Number is shown in the 'Help' tab under Preferences. I can find no way to hide it. Best Regards, ams963
  6. Hi, I've lost my license. Please help. How can I get it back? Best Regards, ams963
  7. @JohnnySokko well thx for your opinion that sas and mbam might conflict if used together.......but I guess official representatives from both sas and mbam assures no conflict and also many users actually confirm from their personal experience.....so I'll rely on all their assurances......but thx anyways for posting in this thread....... @AdvancedSetup thx a lot for stepping by and posting in my thread/topic........
  8. thx a lot SAS Customer Service, DooGie and JohnnySokko........ @JohnnySokko I've been using mbam with an av for a long time.....so I don't think mbam compatibility with other av is an issue...as I've already said in post #1 mbam and sas are compatible and complement other av......I just wanted to know if the same is true for mbam and sas when used together.....and besides a large number of user experience on mbam compatiblity with an av across numerous forums more than outweighs and disapproves your claim that mbam is not compatible with other security software........ Best Regards, ams963
  9. Hi, I've been using Malwarebytes Antimalware Pro for sometime now without any problem. And have been using SuperAntispyware free as on-demand scanner. I've SAS Pro in another computer. But now I'm planning to remove the SAS Pro from that pc and add it to the one with MBAM Pro. Now we all know that MBAM Pro is compatible with other av or security software, infact it supplements and complements the av or internet security or whatever. And so does SAS Pro. But will the two supplement and complement each other and the av or just conflict? Best Regards, ams963
  10. oh! yes.......I totally overlooked......thx.....great.......
  11. Hi, There should be an option 'Hide' when sas runs a scan whether scheduled or manual. I know the scan window can be minimized but then again every application interface window have that and even then some provides 'Hide'. And it will be more convenient for the user if sas is scanning in the background and the progress can be seen by clicking on the tray icon. Best Regards, ams963
  12. Hi, I just downloaded the free version. But there is sascore process running. Why does free sas need to run a process actively when it's not providing realtime protection and should be striclty on-demand? It also eats ram. Best Regards, ams963
  13. Hi, I was wondering if incremental updates has been introduced in the current version of sas or the update size is still around 6mb. If not , then when will it be? Best Regards, ams963
  14. Hi, When will SuperAntiSpyware introduce incremental updates? Wish it starts from the next upcoming version
  15. Hi, I'm just wondering if there's any chance that sas pro scans faster than sas free. I'm probably asking a silly question. There's no reason to ask. I'm just curious.
  16. ams963


    Hi. Prevx(free) found infections in my pc. Part of the log file of the last scan by prevx(free) is given below. Prevx Scan Log - Version v3.0.5.220 Log Generated: 26/5/2011 20:12, Type: 0,1 Windows XP Home Service Pack 3 (Build 2600) 32bit|1033 Hostname: acer-29e9b3877f Some non-malicious files are not included in this log. Heuristics Settings: Age: 1, Pop: 1, Heu: 4 (Dir: 1) Last Scan: Thu 2011-05-26 20:11:09 Bangladesh Standard Time. Number of Scans: 31. Last Scan Duration: 4 minutes 29 seconds. c:\program files\superantispyware\superantispyware.exe [PX5: 087B562480C8F6AAFDEE244B8AF6030085D518D8] Malware Group: Medium Risk Malware (ACTIVE) c:\windows\system32\drivers\eudisk.sys [PX5: 3507676788D00805DC8E02E44340A300855B541E] Malware Group: Medium Risk Malware c:\windows\system32\drivers\eubkmon.sys [PX5: F27E8AC4886454C08BAD00A76D383100DE41A7E8] Malware Group: Medium Risk Malware c:\windows\system32\drivers\eudskacs.sys [PX5: 497F8C9388B2934137B9006FAE672900FBA06175] Malware Group: Medium Risk Malware c:\windows\system32\drivers\eubakup.sys [PX5: 0D8838B5889FAB5F77F80000EB0E7E00A2FB4181] Malware Group: Medium Risk Malware c:\windows\system32\drivers\eufs.sys [PX5: 12CB0C250839581A518A00E0E016B2003F0887B3] Malware Group: Medium Risk Malware c:\program files\easeus\todo backup\drv\eubakup.sys [PX5: 0D8838B5889FAB5F77F80000EB0E7E00A2FB4181] Malware Group: Medium Risk Malware c:\program files\easeus\todo backup\drv\eubkmon.sys [PX5: F27E8AC4886454C08BAD00A76D383100DE41A7E8] Malware Group: Medium Risk Malware c:\program files\easeus\todo backup\drv\eudisk.sys [PX5: 3507676788D00805DC8E02E44340A300855B541E] Malware Group: Medium Risk Malware c:\program files\easeus\todo backup\drv\eudskacs.sys [PX5: 497F8C9388B2934137B9006FAE672900FBA06175] Malware Group: Medium Risk Malware c:\program files\easeus\todo backup\drv\eufs.sys [PX5: 12CB0C250839581A518A00E0E016B2003F0887B3] Malware Group: Medium Risk Malware Why is superantispyware file considered as an infection? What should I do?
  17. Thanks for your reply. I went to wilders security and my problem is solved. Sorry for posting the wrong topic in the wrong place.
  18. Hi I'm new here and this is my first post in this forum. Now, last year in mid-june I bought a new pc and downloaded spywareblaster free from their official site which redirected me to cnet's download.com After installing, I updated it manually and to use for some days. As I was new and not computer geek or experienced user I did not research about spywareblaster on the web.So after few days when I saw nothing visible to happen I thought it was useless and just sat there.I uninstalled it. In december, being a little more experienced,I researched and found that spywareblaster is a great software.I read every single thing in their website and was impressed.I immediately installed it again.Updated it. But then my pc became slow.I had only avast free antivirus and advanced systemcare free from iobit at the time. Avast found nothing.But Advanced Systemcare from iobit found several spywares by its built-in spyware remover component.It also found a system infection by its built-in system infection diagnosis component. I restarted the computer and it was back to normal, running at normal speed that it used to. I thought it had nothing to do with spywareblaster.And I updated it again.But again my pc slowed down and again advanced cleaner found spywares. I uninstalled spywareblaster.And installed it again.but to no avail.I went through the same problem, updated slowed down found spyware removed them and pc ran like before.I then realised maybe it had afterall something to do with spywareblaster.So I uninstalled it . Now may 2011, I DON'T have iobit's advanced systemcare free. I have avast free malwarebytes free,superantispyware free and a few handy tools. When I go different forums now, like the excellent avast forum or equally great malwarebytes antimalware and superantiapyware forums, everybody suggests or they themselves use spywareblater. I want to use it myself again,now knowing the great features and very light resources that it uses. But I'm afraid and worried that the problem stated above might happen again. Now my pc is runnig smoothly and I don't want to take any risk but since everybody recommends it and if spywareblaster reallu does what it claims, then it would be a good addition to my layered protection. I hope you guys understood my situation. So my question is can I go forward and download spywareblaster and continue to use without the problems. Thank you for any reply.
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