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  1. got this this AM too. i've reported it before, it's quite annoying to keep getting FPs on known items. don't think Reader has updated so i can't think of any reason why it would suddenly trigger again.
  2. add me to the list. been infested w/ stuff and i've been cleaning and the like the last couple days. finally *seem* to be down to this only. i'm using 4.51 defs 6960.0.0.4772 ~ got the tip from a link on another forum. I notice Geoff's reply back in May last year (ooh, happy anniversary) said a fix had been put in, therefore is the fact i'm receiving this warning something to be concerned about? i will add that i'm bluescreening on shutdown - it started hanging and restarting on shutdaown, then i did another scan, started shutting down normally, then after another scan and finally (paws crossed) getting rid of the last trojan it's hanging again. TIA.
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