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  1. For the last two weeks I have seen that SAS detects one of my programs as a trojan. I have tried to enter this as a safe program but I can not see any functions in the program allowing me to do so. I haved had this program for more than year and never had any problem with SAS . Is there anything I do?
  2. Hey all, I have been experiencing a slow action in deleting objects after a scan is finished, it becomes very slow in deleting the objects. The objects are only tracking cookies, nothing serious. This happens once in a while. The scan process is quite fast. Do you experience the same? Is there a reason for it? This has been happening ever since the new version came out. thanks in advance
  3. mach

    SAS Portable

    Thanks for the reply. I recently had a problem with some malwares and I couldn't use SAS at all either in safe mode or in normal. I downloaded the portable version and it helped detecting and removing those malwares.
  4. Hi all, I was wondering whether its possible to update the database of the portable version. If not, then how can I make sure that the recent definition is within this portable version? Do I need to download this everytime I need to run it?
  5. Thank you for the reply. Will I still be getting an extra licence to use on another PC with this price, including a life time update? Is the lifetime update, inludes updating both the software and the database?
  6. Hi SAS, I have been using your program for a while and I wanted to purchase the Pro version. I receive a special offer after updating the database of the free version that for a special prices of $9,95 I get a pro version plus lifetime subscription and an extra copy, but after moving on to the next step I will get an extra fee for the life time upgrade of the program. As I understood from the offer as I have added a snapshot it includes for: CD versionof product An additional copy A lifetime subscription Later on when I continue for purchasing the product I meet a new offer for the life time subscription(snapshot is added) which gives me a total of $19,95. Can you explain what I will miss if I don't add that extra 9,95 to my basket? thans in advance
  7. I was wondering why this company is not offering antivirus programs as well. When I look at other companies such as AVG, Avira etc, they are all offering programs to protect against viruses and spywares. Currently I am using AVG and the scan function looks for both viruse and spywares, and its not possible to perform just a spyware search. I was wondering whether I should switch from AVG to another program to get a better protection.
  8. Just curious, what program is SAS referring to? thanks
  9. am I the only one who had this problem so far?
  10. Hello all, I installed the trial Pro version and after the trial period was finished I uninstalled it and tried to install the free version. But I can not install the program as it gives an error message. I have made a snapshot of the message so you can see what it says. I have also tried the uninstaller program that its possible to download from this site but it didn't help. I also tried to install the Pro version and then uninstall it again, but I can neither install the pro or the free version. Can someone help me with this? thanks in advance
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