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  1. After I rebooted for the 5th time, it did not show up anymore, I guess it was really a threat. Anyway, thank you.
  2. I want to share this with you: I received my license back and yeah, it's professional subscription again with the new version. I will run a scan with the new version (its updated) and I will report back to you.
  3. The program is updated, maybe it is not a fp after all.
  4. Are you sure its a false positive? I have a problem though, I lost the registration and activation numbers....what do I do if that is the case?
  5. Hi, I've been analyzing my PC with SUPERAntiSpyware for 2 days now. I keep getting the same message: After the supposed "deletion" of the threats, I am supposed to restart (which I have done 3 times already) but as soon as I run a quick scan again, the 84 threats appear again like nothing happened. WHY is SUPERAntiSpyware not removing these threats? I need help! Also, another question, I have the LIFETIME Professional Subscription which I bought a few months ago and I was wondering, do I need to buy a new license for the 5 version? Thanks in advance.
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