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  1. dear friend(s), i recently downloaded SAS and performed a complete scan. i had selected only the drive C. after the memory scan, during the registry scan, scanning was halted as a message popped up saying: "there is no CD in drive D" i had to hit 'continue' 6 times. (meaning, 6 objects were directing SAS to look at the CD drive for a CD?) this happened 3 times, and the location (as i read it on the scan progress menu bar of SAS) this happened was/were: HKLM\System\Controlset001\Services\ggc HKLM\System\Controlset003\Services\ggc HKLM\System\CurrentControlset\Services\ggc any idea what was happening? the scan came up mainly clean (except some minor tracking cookies). this was surprising as my comp was behaving erratically, and i suspected and infection. warm regards. and thanks. biren
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