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  1. No. Sorry, I actually bought the magazine. Its this months - I think the article was on some kind of tracking software called ghoster or something that will give a list of companies that are storing your data at any given moment. It won't stop them, though. I don't have the magazine to hand at the moment.
  2. I read something in PC Format about it. Apparently there is some software available that will tell you who is tracking you when you visit a web page. Quote, PC Format p.108, May 2011: "Forget cookies. Cookies are old hat now. Modern websites will follow the links that you click, the elements that you mouse over and the items you add to your browser using much more sophisticated tricks."
  3. Apparently a lot of spyware these days comes through the use of non-cookie checks on the internet browser you use. So spyware looks to see what links you click on, your past browsing history, what you hover over etc. to build a profile of you without actually storing a cookie on your computer. Is there any way to stop this slightly creepy information gathering? I know its only done for advertising purposes, but not all of the companies carrying it out have healthy privacy policies. With so many big-name companies losing all their details to spam criminals and worse, I'm not comfortable with anyone collecting stuff about me without my permission. Also, if a company goes bust one of the most lucrative things the administrator can sell is the data collected by spyware, so even if the company is harmless and has a strong privacy policy there is no way of knowing where the data they collect will end up if they go bust. Is there any way your team can combat this non-cookie spying on people? Alss, what is the safest browser to use? I'm currently using the latest version of IE. Thanks Dan
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