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  1. Thank you for the quick response to disable automatic re-start but my system is already set up that way. The re-start is and was unchecked. Any advice is great, and very much appreciated! So Thank you for your tip. I'm not going to uninstall right away I'll monitor the situation and re-post any feedback that worked or if the issue persists. What's a ticket?
  2. Hello, I am having the exact same problem, after SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition install in that my computer has just completely shut down without any cause, so I can't conceive it being a coincidence that another user is having the same problem. I had SUPERAntiSpyware free a few months ago. And it did find few minor items during first scan so it was doing better than Avira personal free which discoverd nothing so I was pleased with the performance of the program. However also during this period of the trial my computer itermittently shut down, like powers down as if it was unplugged??? Couldn't figure out what the issue could be with a computer IT tech so we.. Also did a full re-install and an update included service pack 3 and just the other day decided to reintall SUPER ANti...free again and yesterday my computer powered down again for no reason. I called my tech friend and he witnessed one shut down, even asked if I had accidentally disconnected the power supply but as I was sitting beside him he was completely baffled and that's when we decided to do a complete clean re-install of my OS. In conclusion two separate installs of this program one after a complete wiped drives re-install of my system my computer has again started experiencing weird shut downs. I would never have considered the SUPER Anti.. could be the culprit but runnning XP pro service pack 3 and as I was considering the pro version I am now not feeling so secure with regards to such an identical computer shut down problem as the previous post user experience. I am grateful for the post as mentioned I've never had my computer ever just shut down, inexplicably. I believe there must be a glitch between the SUPERAnti.. and Microsoft, as MS is infamous for inconsistencies. I would like to use the pro version of SuperAnti...but not until there is some resolution or discovery of what this glitch may be and how to fix it. If Admin support for SUPERAnti... is aware of this post please advise. Regards. Deleteurself
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