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  1. WOW over 2.5 months after posting I had this problem with the SUPERAntiSpyware software someone from there ACTUALLY posted that they want to help resolve it. I had given up on you guys as no one EVER replied from SUPERAntiSpyware after I got a SUPPORT TICKET on April 14. WHY issue a support ticket if you are not going to help me. I have the PAID version I am in no way a complainer but give me a break guys this is POOR WAY OF DOING BUSINESS and POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE to a loyal supporter and promoter of your product to friends, family and co-workers over all these years. ok DON to answer your questions: 1) I am always running as administrator - so yes it happens when logged on as administrator 2) It happens at different times; just after the computer starts and everything is up and running, sometimes after a scan, sometimes during a scan 3) it happens when Realtime is disabled and when it is enabled Being that I never got help from you guys I had to take it off my computer and use another product and the computer runs fine now. I would like to go back to using SUPERAntiSpyware as I love it when it works and have used it for a long time. PLEASE try to figure this out so I can go back to using it again. Thanks
  2. I NEVER heard back from SUPERAntiSpyware support. They sent me an email saying they would back but NOTHING. I have the PAID Pro version. It's been a FEW WEEKS now and I'm W-O-N-D-E-R-I-N-G...how long I am going to have to WAIT???????????????????????? You'd THINK they would of responded by now AND also a response in this forum. On April 14th I received a 2nd email from support that said:
  3. I did a new install/recovery for WIN XP Media Center using the original recovery disks from HP. Norton 2006 60 day trial was some of the software that was included (I had no choice it was put on the computer along with other trial software) After computer was up and running a Norton window would keep popping up asking to complete the set-up for the 60 day trial. I never completed this but used the NRT Norton Removal Tool (used it twice) to remove Norton. A link to MajorGeeks explaining all this is in my first post here
  4. Seth - Yes I too think that Norton had something to do with this. Computer: HP s7600n WIN XP SP3 AMD CPU SAS Version: 4.50.1002 BIOS: Phoenix Technologies,LTD 3.05 11/1/2006 The System and Applications logs from the Event Viewer are attached. NOTE: I installed SAS Pro again last night - computer ran fine as long as I didn't start-up SAS - as soon as I started SAS today around 1:40 pm the computer powered off. Event_Viewer_Apr_12___.zip
  5. Seth - I disabled Auto Restart - re-installed SUPERAntiSpyware, I ran a scan, removed 2 "Disabled SecurityCenterOption" Registry items and then it immediately powered OFF. I uninstalled SUPERAntiSpyware and no more shut downs/power offs. How could a new installed clean system get these "Disabled SecurityCenterOption" items? I have a firewall up. Could there be some glitch between the Win XP PRO SP3 and some other HP software item that loads with the install that affecting SUPERAntiSpyware etc and causing the power off?
  6. HP Computer - WIN XP SP3 Media Center SUPERantiSpyware is causing problems with re-install of WIN XP SP3 I was having problems with this computer as it would Power Off in Normal Mode (but not in safe Mode) and without being able to remedy this I did a Clean Install of the original WIN XP SP2 from the original disks I updated to SP3 and the computer worked fine for 24 hours, No Problems. No more Powering Off on its own. BUT THEN when I reinstalled SUPERAntiSpyware (paid edition) and after the install and when getting updates it immediately powered off. I turned it on again and it powered off again. I remembered that Norton's 60 day trial was included on the original disks/install but I didn't install it. Thinking this may be causing the problems I used the NRT Norton Removal Tools to remove it, rebooted, and as recommened by TimW I rebooted and then ran it again, rebooted I used Revo Uninstaller to remove SUPERAntiSpyware. I rebooted the computer and it ran fine with no shut downs/Power offs. Thinking everything was OK I reinstalled SUPERAntiSpyware and right after the install the SAME THING happened again...it immediately powered off. I used Revo Uninstaller to remove SUPERAntiSpyware and the computer is running fine again. Not sure why this is happening as I have used SUPERAntiSpyware for a couple of years and no conflicts. Can someone please check the attached logs and see if you see anything that is causing this to happen. It seems odd the power off problem is happening again after wiping the disks clean and starting new. I am dumbfounded. I originally posted this over at MajorGeeks and was advised maybe I should post it here http://forums.majorgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=235842
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