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  1. New business plan is great. The old "Lifetime" Subscription seemed good, but in reality wasn't a good business model as it's really not sustainable. If you don't get a steady stream of income, you go out of business and the lifetime subscriptions aren't much good. The low cost yearly plan is a good deal for consumers, for SAS, and for retailers. The business is more sustainable, allows retailers to have a sustainable income from selling the product, and consumers are protected at a reasonable cost. The only downside? Less virus removal business - very few repeat customers since they are so well protected! Just my humble opinion! Allen Crist CCW Technology Computer Repair, Salt Lake City, Utah http://www.ccwtech.com
  2. I run CCW Technology Computer Repair in Salt Lake City, Utah. CCW Technology Computer Repair has been a reseller for SuperAntiSpyware for about a year now. Can you tell me (and everyone else) what's the new business plan for SuperAntiSpyware? My customers LOVE your product. My virus removal customers are very happy to know they are better protected using SAS. Regards, Allen CCW Technology Computer Repair, Salt Lake City Utah http://www.ccwtech.com
  3. Talked to them today and they said the 24-48 hour normal response DOES NOT include Sat & Sunday. I have a ticket from Sat night that the only thing I've received on it is to run a custom diagnostic... It's now Wed evening... I also fear that a business plan of a one time fee, isn't going to sustain the company for a long time. Too bad, great product.
  4. I'd love to see a quicker turnaround on support. 24 to 48 hours just doesn't cut it for those of use who use this for our customers. I'd be willing to pay more for the product or sell it at a yearly subscription rate for better (Faster) support. Please know that the support I've received has been great, just not timely. Also, I don't like the marketing of only today $19.99 when it's every day! It comes off as being a used car salesman like pitch.
  5. Hi, Please help users who have multiple profiles by not making us install and configure SAS on each profile. We (IT Tech's, and your users) want a product that "just works" and does so in the back ground. Mom, Sally, or even Timmy, don't need to have specific settings for each profile, install once and set it up and it should just do it's thing from there without much interaction. Thanks! Allen
  6. +1 - you have a great product but your marketing is "cheezy" at best... "offer only good today" (which means any day). Seriously, you're not selling used cars here! Put the same excellence in your advertising that you have in your product. I have to explain to my clients that you guys are legit because your advertising makes you look phony. I LOVE your product and have been offering it as a VAR solution to all of my virus removal customers. With the anti-virus solution I provide, as well as SAS, I have HAPPY customers who don't have repeated virus/malware issues.
  7. It's my understanding that lifetime means you get all new versions for free. Can someone correct me if I'm wrong?
  8. I'd also like the ability to install for ALL users and set settings for ALL users. It a PAIN to go in and do it manually. I see your point about allowing each user to do it individually, but most home users just want the to set it up once and let the thing "Just work" without a lot of intervention or hassle. As a PC Repair tech, and reseller of SuperAntiSpyware, I believe my users don't want to mess with the settings, as long as I have set it up for them and it protects them, that's all they want.
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