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  1. They're at it again! I've come in to the office this morning and 1st thing I see on my PC "XP Home Security Alert" Well firstly you idiots I run XP professional! And Secondly your still not getting my credit card details! Update and scan people. Stay vigilante people
  2. No more pink pop up screen. Great work superantispyware, 2 thumbs up, thanks.
  3. Thanks Seth A new update seems to have come available shortly after this post. I've downloaded and started a new scan, already it's detected the Gen-FakeAlert I think we're looking for. I'll let the scan finish and let you know the result. Many thanks
  4. Hi people MS-Removal-Tool We've had this malicious software in the past and superantispyware has dealt with it. But is there a new version on the scene cos one of my PC's got it again, but this time superantispyware is not detecting it even after an update has been performed. Cheers
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