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  1. The malware resurfaced again. I had run both malwarebytes and antivir antivirus and removed whatever they found. I could get on the internet for ar session, but when I got on it a few minutes ago, the xp home security thing started to pop up again. I am running superantispyware again to delete it. The thing that has popped up in superantispyware that may or may not be the malware is called trojan agent/gen-fakealert[local]. It has 3 items listed when you expand it and one is listed as a running process so I assume it is it.
  2. Thanks. That seemed to fix all my issues. Is there a way to fix all my program shortcut icons on the desktop? I did it with firefox by manually creating a shortcut and dragging it out to replace the blank one, but I have a lot of blank icons to fix.
  3. I got a malware called XP Home Security on my old Dell computer running WinXP. The malware would prevent any applications from opening and popup a message saying my computer was infected and that I should buy their program. I had malwarebytes installed but it wouldn't run. I put a copy of SuperAntispyware Portable on a thumb drive and ran the program from there. It detected a trojan and several other stuff. When the computer restarted after removing the malware, all the icons on my desktop and explorer were blank white and every time I tried to run a program like firefox or the add/remove program from the control panel, the windows cannot open this file dialog pops up. What do you think is wrong with my computer now?
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