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  1. Thanks for the info guys! I'll continue using them. I dont want to disable the real time shields on anything as I have purchased all the 3 applications and it would be a waste of money and I would have just installed the free versions. I wasnt aware of this compatibility issue. and @ Kidd, Rickz - I'm using Avast Internet Security so it has more protection modules and extra features which is why I asked if its compatible with SAS PRO and MBAM PRO. Thanks for the info though
  2. Hi, After the major infection I got last week I started using MBAM pro + SuperAntiSpyware pro with Avast Internet Security 6, and just wanted to know if there are any known compatibility issues ? will it slow down my net browsing speed / computer performance? because all 3 are running real time protection! Also I heard that SAS 5 will be released in 2011. When it is released can we upgrade the program for free? ( I purchased a lifetime subscription) or is the license valid with the current version only (SAS 4.5) ? Any news on a released date for SAS 5 ? thanks!
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