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  1. thank you very much. have successfully installed 4.50. cheers vick
  2. then how about my question2? how to install the new SAS 4.5? it won't install. my current version is 4.49. QUESTION 3 how to go to individual quarantined items? had asked sighted help to click on the 'MANAGE QUARANTINE/ ADWARE.TRACKING COOKIE. sighted helper said nothing happened and cannot see any tracking cookies . but the log file listed over thirty tracking cookies. thanks again
  3. Recently I installed SAS free in my win7 machine. The program scanned my laptop and quarantined a MICROSOFT.NET cookie together with other tracking cookies. Name of the MS.NET cookie and source: .microsoftsto.112.2o7.net [C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\iq2unf9x.default\cookies.sqlite] I went to ‘MANAGE QUARANTINE’; under date was ‘ADWARE.TRACKING COOKIES’ but was unable to open and access individual cookies to restore the MS.NET cookie QUESTION 1: How do I restore only the MS.NET cookie and not the other tracking cookies using keyboard? [i am a blind screen reader user and cannot use the mouse] QUESTION 2 There is a new SAS [4.5] update that won’t install despite numerous attempts in my win7 machine. The installation in my XP machine was successful. Could it be related to the above missing MS.NET cookie or a bug in SAS for win 7? If it is a bug, is there a work around? There was no usual pop-up from the UAC. Thank you Vick
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