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  1. Hello benoit, Can you please e-mail the files you suspect are false positives to Support@superantispyware.com so that they can verify this problem. Thanks!
  2. This is a legitimate update windows, please allow it to update using the built-in method...
  3. Can you upload a screen shot? This way I can verify if it is legit, or if it is a new Fake AV that I could help you remove...
  4. Can you report this as a "False Positive"? If so, please do... As to why it would be detected, I'm not sure, but they probably use a high strength algorithm that detects many innocent files!
  5. As far as I know, it should... But, new variants are coming out all the time.. Let us know if you need assistance!
  6. Also just a quick note... You can upload undetected samples directly into the SAS labs by using the Sample Submission Utility.
  7. Were you able to successfully remove it?, or do you need assistance?
  8. ZBot is a botnet infection! Try running the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool. Please let me know the findings, and if we need to continue with alternate removal instructions...
  9. Ok, It will be included in a future update... Thanks for your cooperation!
  10. Please e-mail the file: c:\Users\guicaut\AppData\Roaming\cleaner\windefender.exe to trappmanrhett@fastmail.fm , so that I can further analyze it, and submit it for inclusion in SAS. In the future, you can upload undetected samples directly to SAS labs using the Sample Submission Utility.
  11. I think because he said that once it updates the license expires.
  12. You should contact Customer Support.
  13. You should contact Customer Support.
  14. Ok, will do... I've been using the Sample Submission Tool a lot, is that fine as well?
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