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  1. for how long are the files going to be kept in quarantine? SAS was run on Monday night, 3 days ago
  2. I will have a look at his computer tonight when i get home and post the files. where am I suppose to look for the files?
  3. On the last report I receive about my son's computer it showed that he surfed a lot of porn sites and last thing he did was clean up after himself and install or run SAS. I do not know if he had SAS installed on computer before of he just did it the because he might have gottten some bugs off the sites he was on. I did not touch his computer bc I do not know what to do.
  4. I installed eblaster on my teenage sons computer and he installed SAS afterwards. the result: eblaster stopped working. I have the eblaster license for one installation only and do not want to reinstall. What should I do at this point? Have not attempted to do anything yet because i am not a computer wiz. SAS free edition was installed on Monday, 3/14. Thanks.
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