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  1. I just have two small interface comments that for all I know are addressed in the upcoming new release. I am using the free addition and about all I ever do is run a scan and update the definitions. The first few times I ran a scan I almost walked away from the computer without actually running a scan. How this happened is I see the big “Scan your Computer” button in the left hand corner of the main window and miss the ellipses (three dots) hit the button and think I’ve started a scan. There is a little Next> button at the bottom of the scan page that was easy for me to miss. My suggestion is simply renaming the Next> Button to something like “Scan Now”. It would also be nice if it were a bigger more noticeable button under the scan options. In fact for more clarity the “Scan your Computer” button on the main could be labeled “Scan Options.” There is also a few seconds while checking and installing updates between “Checking for Updates” and before the dialog which says what has been updated when it can feel like the program has frozen. This is because there is a delay between when the download progress bar is full and the last dialog appears. I’m just suggesting that after it is through downloading it say something like “Installing Updates” to let me know it is still working. Trust me, if you are worried that something wrong with your computer or are just in a hurry, you can use all the clarity you can get. Thank You for creating this program.
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