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  1. Even after the last few database updates GPG is still being detected. This time only one component is coming up. It happens when I launch the GPA key manager and before there were two items marked as a Trojan. Do I have a bad copy or is there still a false positive? Thanks again!
  2. Great! Thanks for the quick response. Glad to hear it is a false-positve, I assume it was picking it up because it was attempting to spawn another process. Am I right? Thanks again keep up the good work
  3. Just reinstalled GPG4WIN an e-mail encryption program that is similar to PGP. It is free and open source but SAS is detecting it as Trojan.Agent/Gen-UsrMgr. Upon uninstalling SAS scans no longer detect anything and neither do Avast! PrevX Mbam or Hitman PRO or EAM. Can someone please test and confirm if this is a threat or FP? LINK: hXXp://www.gpg4win.org/ Thanks, x942
  4. I just bought SASS Pro (Thanks for the awesome discount too by the way ) I am loving it so far but for some reason the "First Chance Protection" options are grayed out still. Not sure if this is because of my current set up on Windows 7 or because I bought it at the $9.95 price. It's not a huge deal as I don't really need those features as Avast! does a similar thing but I just want to make sure it activated properly. Thanks again! I have been enjoying the free version for sometime and when I saw the notice that it was $9.95 only I had to jump on it x942
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