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  1. My Operating System is Microsoft Windows XP Version 5.1 Service Pack 3 I have run scans in safe mode but when I do I have to sign in under my SUPPORT sign on ,not my regular sign on. When I try to go into safe mode under my regular sign on it says my password is incorrect (both have admin privileges). Whenever I run a scan with my Support sign on it usually comes up clean, the latest one had a TrojanAgent/Gen-B anload which was quarantined and when I ran a scan again it was clear. Below is a copy of my scan report which the results keep repeating every time I run a scan. My computer has slowed down a bit and my Internet explorer 8 is virtually unusable. SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log https://www.superantispyware.com Generated 11/24/2010 at 02:04 PM Application Version : 4.46.1000 Core Rules Database Version : 5913 Trace Rules Database Version: 3725 Scan type : Quick Scan Total Scan Time : 00:10:58 Memory items scanned : 700 Memory threats detected : 0 Registry items scanned : 2109 Registry threats detected : 0 File items scanned : 7069 File threats detected : 12 Adware.Tracking Cookie C:\Documents and Settings\udginter\Cookies\udginter@fastclick[1].txt C:\Documents and Settings\udginter\Cookies\udginter@tacoda[1].txt C:\Documents and Settings\udginter\Cookies\udginter@www.sexxxtape[2].txt C:\Documents and Settings\udginter\Cookies\udginter@www.realhomesex[1].txt C:\Documents and Settings\udginter\Cookies\udginter@tacoda[2].txt C:\Documents and Settings\udginter\Cookies\udginter@advertising[1].txt C:\Documents and Settings\udginter\Cookies\udginter@realgfporn[2].txt C:\Documents and Settings\udginter\Cookies\udginter@specificclick[2].txt C:\Documents and Settings\udginter\Cookies\udginter@porn-extreme[2].txt C:\Documents and Settings\udginter\Cookies\udginter@content.yieldmanager[1].txt C:\Documents and Settings\udginter\Cookies\udginter@ero-advertising[1].txt C:\Documents and Settings\udginter\Cookies\udginter@pornhub[2].txt Thank you for any assistance you can offer
  2. Every time I scan my computer the same 14 threats are detected. SAS removes them, and then reboots the computer but when I scan again they are still detected. These same 14 threats have been on my system for over a month. Could it be possible that my system has been hacked? Should I remove and reinstall SAS and run again. I run updates regularly Thank you
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