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  1. and yes i’m using the most updated and current version of SAS. it’s the free one they have on offer on the home page and yes my definitions are completely up to date. if just maybe SAS is not going to work on this computer is there any other program that can make life normal again?
  2. i’m running ms windows xp professional version 2002, service pack 3. so yes it’s the 32 bit version. I tried to quit safe mode, reboot and then reboot again through safe mode and try it again… nothing works. however i tried the online scan that SAS has on offer through regular loading and the scan ran and detected about 400 something add-ware threats. it’s causing redirecting of links and it’s making the computer work slower than anything i’ve seen since the mid 90s.
  3. the only things i checked were as per the recommended fix were: *close browser before scanning *scan for tracking cookies *terminate memory threats before quarantining also i made sure to run the scan in safe mode. everything else was left unchecked. Also.. i should have added this earlier.. when i try to cancel the scan it asks me if i'm sure to which i say yes. however that does nothing to close the scan. I can close SAS by exiting but i can't stop the scan unless i go through the task manager. I have the free edition of SAS. btw.. thanks for the prompt reply.
  4. Hi there. I’ve got a malware problem that redirects my google search results to third party sites among some other problems. I heard of SAS being a good tool to help solve the problem. I ran ATF cleaner in Safe Mode and then tried to run the complete scan through SAS. However, after scanning 2 memory items, it seems to get stuck. It’s been well into 2 hours at this stage and it seems to be stuck on the file C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\NTDLL.DLL . I was wondering i just need to play the waiting game and it just usually takes this kinda time or is there a bug that i need to resolve. Thanks in advance for any help provided as I am pretty sick of this redirecting Exploit Rogue Scanner that AVG and Symantec refuse to detect and deal with.
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