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  1. Hi all... The latest threat coming through is some code developed by the sam worm dev... what he has achieved is a cookie that most malware and spyware apps will bypass and will not detect to remove or quarantine.. this creation called the evercookie is a javascript API...just read this by dman himself http://samy.pl/evercookie/ Obviously this will be welcoming for the advertising industry... excellent marketing statagies will develope on the evercookie tactic and you knows it the hackers will be hacking for your lifes treasures.. not something really sas can sit on and relax with..! like this guy Bruce Schneier http://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2010/09/evercookies.html As scary as this looks which it is..! there has already been some developements by individuals who have had a dig around the evercookie code like schneier to see what makes it tick tock and then there are others developing apps to fight against the evercookie storm like anonymizer these devs have built a Firefox Extension to Contend with the Evercookie Threat http://www.securityweek.com/nevercookie-eats-evercookie-new-firefox-plugin Update: Ever further developements are being achieved by the good old opensource community check this impressive app that is in the beta testing stages by BleachBit http://bleachbit.sourceforge.net/news/test-bleachbit-081-beta So sas devs get to work THX DZOOM
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