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  1. @SAS customer service/Sean: OP here, thanks for checking in. I _did_ use the false positive button [March 1]. I kept the SAS scanner open at pre-quarantine/delete status, posted to the forum, then submitted the item after siliconman01 directed me to the report false positive instructions. Then at some point later I scanned and got the System Restore malware result, same as sas1 [system volume information]. Everything cleaned up now, so it would appear that SAS can indeed clean system restore files. But thank you siliconman01 for pointing out what they were. Matt
  2. Hi sas1, thanks for posting... I haven't received a reply since Mar. 1 on my false positive submission, but got another virus alert today. The same Trojan as noted in your post [i believe it's the same, I went to look at the log and there's nothing there]. Note: I was running an ancient version of Opera@USB, version 9.63. Since my first post I downloaded the latest v11.01 and had both that installed and 9.63 when I scanned with SAS today. I deleted v9.63 today after allowing SAS to quarantine, then rescanned and came up clean. I would be curious to know, what version of Opera@USB are you running? thanks Matt
  3. whoa... excellent! I missed that button as well as the False Positive forum section. OK, report sent, thank you siliconman01. much appreciated Matt
  4. PS: sorry, somehow I missed the False Positive forum section. I don't want to double post, if this could be moved... thanks, Matt
  5. Hi, new member here. I am using the free SAS version, thank you for this excellent program. My main browser is Firefox Portable. I have done many manual SAS scans over the past months, through all that I have had Opera portable browser in a folder on my desktop. I rarely use Opera [i only open it for the "fit to width" feature] and don't think I had used it since my last SAS scan which came up clean. Yesterday's SAS scan found this in that Opera folder: Trojan.Agent/Gen-FakeAlert[RnGlobal].Process It was the only malware found, though it seemed strange to be there I allowed the program to delete it. Opera would then not open. I copy/pasted my Opera backup [from an external drive] into the folder, Opera opened, then I ran an SAS scan on just that folder and got the same trojan.agent report. My external Opera backup is quite old [6 months or more], and has come up clean on many scans. Any thoughts on this? Much appreciated, thank you. Matt
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