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  1. Have installed latest release (6.0.1100) and can now see option boxes. Thanks
  2. Have just installed the above on XP, SP3. When running a quick scan, 3 boxes appear at the bottom of the window. I assume they are in-scan options that may be available to Pro users. However, in the free version they are covered by black strips which resemble some kind of censorship effort. It looks ugly. If indeed they are only for Pro users, please remove them from the free version. Thanks
  3. I am also seeing this. My normal 5 minute scan with SAS quit early and only took 41 seconds today. Ran Malwarebytes and the scan took the normal amount of time and found no problems. Decided to use the Chameleon feature in MBAM to stop any known malware and ran scan again. Same result. It appears there is a problem with SAS.
  4. In Preferences>Updates have you ticked the boxes for "Periodically check for application updates" and "Automatically install application updates"?
  5. The title says it all. Decided not to wait to be automatically notified of version 5.5.1006 so went straight to the download site. Was told I was downloading 5.5.1006 but when I installed, programme says it is 5.5.1012. No release notes regarding difference between the two.
  6. I have noticed that since the upgrade to version 5+, definition updates do not seem to be issued on weekends. Please note that this is an observation, not a complaint, especially as I use the free version. I figure that people are entitled to weekends off. Not too sure if I would feel the same if I had the paid-for version though and don't know if the same thing applies. It seems to me that the sad idiots who get a kick out of messing up people's computers are most active at weekends when more people are online. Thinking back, I am sure I remember receiving definition updates at weekends when I had version 4+. Is there a specific reason for this change of policy?
  7. That's what I was looking for. Thanks
  8. Have installed the newest version of SAS (5.0.1128) via automatic prompt from the update program option. Most programs have a change log to explain what the newer version contains. Have looked for info regarding fixes/additions etc but cannot find anything. What is different in the newest version please?
  9. What do Boot Safe and Alternate Start do? Cannot see a description of them in the program. Also, whatever they do, will they work in the free edition?
  10. If you are on another computer you could try copying the RKill download to a CD or USB drive and then run it on the infected computer. Insert CD or USB drive in infected computer, open folder and drag to desktop> Run.
  11. You say that SAS appears to find and remove a virus but then it reappears. It maybe that the virus/malware is still running when SAS scans. Try RKill. http://rkill.net/ Just download the program and run it, don't bother with the scans offered. This program does not remove viruses but stops most known malware from running so that anti-malware programs can do their job. The secret is not to close RKill or reboot after RKill has finished but to run SAS immediately after.
  12. Have updated to 5.0.1118 but still no new definition updates more than a day now.
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