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  1. I'm using free version (the latest). I also use Avast and Zone Alarm with which I have had no problems at all using with SUPERAntiSpywhere. After much more testing I've resolved the issue. It is not SUPERAntiSpyware at all that is causing the problem but some other application. I've now disabled all startup programs and adding them back one by one, oh joy!
  2. Today after installing the latest Windows updates on XP and rebooting, my computer became inoperable once the SUPERAntiSpyware program splash screen appeared. Everything pretty much froze apart from the mouse cursor. Uninstalling updates KB2482017 and KB2476687 did seem to resolve the issue. However, I decided to uninstall SUPERAntiSpyware and reinstall the updates. PC was running fine again until I reinstalled SUPERAntiSpyware after which problem reoccurred. I've removed it again and will wait to see if anyone knows what the conflict is and whether it can be resolved.
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