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  1. when i bought it was for lifetime. anyone else getting ripped off here
  2. If your talking internet connection i'm using FIOS so have big bandwith. Did remove some programs from startup folder i don't need loaded but still takes time. One thing i have is 6 sidebar gagets running, clock, norton, weather, news, calander & outlook calander thingie.
  3. The long load time has been around for awhile, no different between free and pro version. The older version loaded much faster before the program was updated several months ago. I'm running version 4.48.1000 and Norton Internet Security but sometimes SAS hangs when loading, not often but it does happen. 8 gigs of RAM, windows 7 home 64-bit
  4. This program is taking a very long time to load after windows starts and i don't have it set to run any scans, so why? Should i uncheck to have it intergreat with vista security center since i'm running windows 7? This is the pro version
  5. you didn't read the offer right, the lifetime updates was included in the price of the 2 licenses already. There was no need to pay the extra $9.95. Yes both will get the lifetime updates because both my copies say that.
  6. yes i found your email and everything is fine now, thank you.
  7. thanks, i did what you said and they said to send them my invoice number and registration number which i did but haven't heard back from then again and deleted old email so how do you follow up checking on a question then?
  8. When you download the definitions on the free version and offer appears giving you special prices for buying the register copy. I bought a 2 user licenses and life time definition updates but when i open the program it says 365 days left in subscription, don't get it i paid $14.99?
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