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  1. The SAS Help stipulates under “Frequently Asked Questions”: “The Scheduling, Automatic Updates and Daily Definition Updates featured in SUPERAntiSpyware Professional provide the additional elements for protection …” That sounds as if the Update function of SAS Pro was rather different from the free version. Therefore I would like to ask the following questions concerning Updates: Does Real-Time Protection use the same malware definitions as the on-demand scanner i.e. will the same amount and type of definitions be downloaded during an update? Is there a different update function for Real-Time Protection or is it also controlled by the same settings as the on-demand scanner in the below window? Which settings would be appropriate in order to strike a reasonable balance between security and short boot times?
  2. TrojanSimulator.exe was in fact there (cf. the following screenshot). Thanx to siliconman01 for guiding me up to this point. I did in fact open a Customer Service Request on this but I regret to say they were very slow and not expedient. That is why I signed in this forum and put my question here.
  3. As you can see in the attached pdf file there was no option offered for quarantining. TrojanSimulator in Aktion _eigene scrsh.pdf
  4. Thank you siliconman01 for this useful and pertinent answer. The first thing I saw was a blocking message by McAfee Site Advisor when trying to download the zip file. The only other reaction from security software was a warning by SAS Pro when executing TrojanSimulator.exe. The presence or not of avast did not change anything. Avast did not detect the intruder. By the way, if TrojanSimulator is a benign file as you wrote why do I have to remove the zip file? Couldn’t I keep it for further tests? @ SAS Customer Service (#2) Is it really necessary to create the proxy settings in Internet Explorer Tools as explained above given the fact that I have never touched those settings before but have only created them in and for Firefox?
  5. As you can see in my #1 I had done this already for my firefox browser. I do not use MS Internet Explorer. But anyway in case these IE settings are additionally required for SAS real-time to work, I have made now these settings. However, I still cannot se whether SAS real-time protection is on now. Couldn't you give me an inoffensive IP address for testing purposes that would definitely trigger a SAS popup?
  6. I read in another forum that SAS Pro would hinder avast as both work in the background with similar characteristics. Is that correct?
  7. I have been using SAS Real-Time protection since 01/29/2011 and have not seen a single popup so far. Doesn't this mean that SAS real-time protection does not work on my system? Could anybody give me an inoffensive IP address for testing purposes that would definitely trigger a SAS popup? Could the reason for this malfunction be o wrong proxy setting within Firefox? I have selected "manual proxy configuration" with HTTP-Proxy: "localhost" Port: "12080" No Proxy for: "localhost,, *.superantispyware.com"
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