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  1. Hi, I downloaded Open Watcom compiler setup and its source from http://www.openwatco...x.php/Downloads yesterday. Totday I've launched SuperAntispyware for a normal scan and it has identified OpenWatcom as trojan. Now SuyperAntispyware is still running, when it has finished I'll submit the result to you but in the meantime you analyze it: How can I know if it is a trojan or not? Thanks UPDATE: SuperAntispyware has just finished to scan, but the Report False Positive button is disabled. How can I send you the output?
  2. Hi, I'm getting this issue today, as the first time, and I've always kept SuperAntispyware updated. I usually do a scan every day. Is it a false positive? or not? Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm wating for the end of the scanning process in order to submit the false positives as you suggest in top item topic of this forum. However, I'd like to add here a little bit of info for you. I downloaded and uncompressed the Masm32 package from their site. Now, while SuperAntiSpyware is doing its normal scanning, it's found some 'trojans' in the uncompressd Masm32 files. I hope it helps. Thank you
  4. no, I'll do it. Anyway, what is the difference for you between submitting the info via SUPERAntispyware or downloading the dll from the link I posted? Thanks
  5. Hi, the trojan on the subject of this topic is what SUPERAntisypware found from this file APYSPY32.DLL. That dll comes from an exe I downloaded from the Microsoft System Journals column of Math Pietrek on December 1994 Vol 9 No 12. The exe is CODE MSJDEC94.EXE downloadable from this web-address http://www.microsoft.com/msj/backissues86.aspx. I think it's a false positive but I'm not sure, please let me know. Thank you Roberto
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