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  1. I have been using SAS for years and have never had this problem. SAS will NOT complete a full scan. It gets to a point while scanning file folders and then it just stops. The "error" message as such is SAS HAS ENCOUNTERED AN UNEXPECTED PROBLEM AND WILL SHUT DOWN. WOULD YOU LIKE TO RESTART SAS? I update definitions daily. Any suggestions?
  2. Thank you. I was able to run the portable app from safe mode. I ran it twice and it hung on the same program. So I uninstalled it. Then I ran another scan. Unfortunetly, nothing was found and the system did not improve.
  3. Recently my computer has become infected. I do not from where. Superantispyware only runs a partial scan before a problem occurs and shuts down. I am unable to save anything. If I try to save, my browser encounters a problem and must shut down. Also I tried to run a restore point but the system says that not restore points have been established. Can anybody help?
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