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  1. Hi All, One of my laptops recently was infected with the goingonearth virus which is a pain in the backside to remove. Unfortunately neither my anti-virus nor Super AntiSpyware could detect it for removal and I ended up removing it manually - although I still suspect it's still on there somewhere and it needs a format and re-install to be sure. Just wanted to post this in the hopes it's on the cards so no one else has to go through this pain. Cheers, Tones
  2. Thanks for you reply Silicon. It's funny but as fate would have it, my laptop had issues shortly after and I had to do a restore of the OS. After a clean install with little else, the startup time is still slow but I do not have slow issues when using windows explorer and right clicking on files, even right after a boot up so I believe it was a combination of a cluttered hard drive and Vista going a bit overboard with the indexing (which I have turned off at the moment) together with SAS. I tried unchecking the setting for checking updates during application start in both the update and general tabs but that didn't seem to make a difference to the startup speeds. It's just annoying how the splash image stays on top of everything and I need to wait over 25 seconds for it to go away. But at the moment it doesnt seem to be affecting my speeds so I can't complain. FYI It's a 32 bit version of Vista and I do have Comodo Internet Security installed as well but I had them both installed when it was the free version of SAS and I did not have this problem. Even after this re-install. FYI It's a 32 bit version of Vista.
  3. Hi All, I've been using the free version for sometime without issue and in the last few months purchased the Professional edition with lifetime support. Ever since upgrading to the Pro edition it takes a few minutes for SAS to startup whereas before it was a matter of seconds. On top of this it can cause the system to become quite slow if I perform an update or even sometimes when I right click on the tray icon to bring up the menu. The most annoying part is when I right click on a file in explorer it will take sometime to return with a menu and cause the explorer program to freeze. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that didn't help so I am wondering if it's my OS. I'm running Vista and so do not have the First Chance Prevention option (yes I've been looking around for solution) which I was hoping would be my fix. If anyone has any suggestions I can try out I'm all ears. Thanks
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