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    SAS Suggestion

    - It prompts me to uninstall everytime so next time I will say no. I thought you had to to install an updated version. - opps maybe that was a different product I installed - If your software gives me a popup saying would you like to update and I say yes, then it needs to fire off UAC to ask me to allow. not to say admin rights only. At that point the popup should just say there is a update and you need to go fetch it on your own. Every other security product I use does not do this and saves the settings. NIS 2k10, Avast, MS Security Essentials, Malwarebytes (paid and free) and Spybot. Note, I am testing some AV products on different PC's. Each pc has one AV product and all spyware set to manual only. Except the MSSE uses Malwarebytes paid. I did not give SAS auto protect a try because you have to type in the PID everytime.
  2. Hello, - Installer to not set to sit on top of all windows, let me come back to it when I can. - Remember that I have the pro version. I use the free version because I tire of entering in my PID - Program update pop-up needs to UAC prompt me. What is the point of this popup if it errors out needs admin privilages? Win 7 x64 - Save my settings every install requires reconfiguration. - Un-check toolbar install for Pro users - where is my avatar coming from? I didn't upload it! Or any picture. These suggestions are software installers in the past. I do not know any other program that has arcaic tendencies of software decade or so ago.
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